Where have I been?

So it is the 1st of September and I can't remember the last time I have wrote on this blog.


I guess I have been so lost working out how to adult and get to grips with the working life , my blog simply slipped out my hands.


So I hopefully am back for good.


I wanna start fixing a schedule for me to begin writing again.And give my best.


So what have I been upto I wanna say since May ?...


I have landed a Job at an actual company that gives me real money , lol dad is so proud I am learning the value of money ;)


I do the 9-6 working hours, try and go to the gym after work and time seems to escape me during the week. Weekends are made for me catching up on sleep, netflix or someone decides to get married and I gotta attend the wedding.

I dont seem busy when I put it that way, but I end up being so.

I hardly go out and have a social life cause I am still unable to reply via whatsapp. Again its nothing personal I just cant text back , it is the worst habbit I have I hate it. No hard feelings haha..


I wanna build up my blog again and I have so much to share on it.

My recent experiance with Iraq , my future plans and just so much on the way !


And so here I am writing this on my lunch break with my left hand injured as always clumsy me decides to somehow cut herself and have a bandage on, but I dont want to give up now.


I have been lazy with this but no more.



Im back.



xo Zahra xo