Hello again !!


This should have been up way long ago but i've been busy and lazy.. lol woops.


Below i'll show you what I bought recently from the MAC store.


Whenever I walk in I always find myself buying a lipstick (i actually mean lipsticks!) and other random things.


But I love SHOPPING. Deal with it :)


I will try and list the name and prices of everything and the link to it online but if the products are not online , i am certain the stores should have it .


Thank You For Reading <3 :*



I bought a eye liner, eye pencil and 3 lipsticks and i dont feel guilty.

This is the Kohl power eye pencil and i love it. It never smudges once set with under eye powder. Click here for the link to purchase it.

The penultimate eye liner! Hands down the best way to get a bold wing. Click here for the link to purchase it.

xo Zahra xo

And these are the babies !! The one on the far left is a Lustre liptick in Hug me , such a cute colour ! The middle is Satin Lipstick and i have forgotten the name ;L. As soon as i go home i will find it and write it ! The last one on the right is the darkest one and it is the Matte Liptick from Ariana Grande which unfortunately is not sold online anymore but maybe in store ? one of the pictures are taken with flash and the other without. I like how the colours are so pigmented. I have worn the Hug me colour and gotten lots of complimets ! Click here for a link to MAC lipsticks <3