6th March - Piccadilly Circus - Ripleys Believe It or Not ! *MOTHERS DAY*

Salam, Hola , Bonjour, marhaba, namaste and Hellooooooo people of this earth!!


Lol what a random intro anyhoo..


Welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is fantastic as im feeling pretty damn good.


As you know, Sunday was Mothers dayyy awww *cue the violins*!!


My Mumma and Pops had returned from India a couple days beforehand so we did not want to go way extreme but we also wanted to have a family day out.

We first had a afternoon tea at Caffe Concerto In Regent Street which was so good, btw dont forget to have a read at that post too , its under Food !


My sister then suggested we all go Ripleys believe it or not, as none of us have ever been.


You would think that we live in London , so we have done everything you would expect a londoner to do but no not the case with me , Up until 2014 May , i had never been on the London Eye ..

I dont know if thats normal but what can i say , i was deprived from all luxerys !!!!

Tauba Tauba only kidding Allhamdulilah i had a wonderful Childhood all over the world, just never had time to explore London.

But i do enjoy the fact that i am able to see everything at this age and really appreciaate London for what it is! I am more understanding of the History and honestly proud to be from London Town !


Carrying ON -


As we entered Ripeys, there was no queue for entry , so we purchased some family tickets and went straight in. There was an elevator that first takes you to the 5TH floor, and i am actually a scaredy cat of lifts that have moving images or something on the walls of lifts, it just creeps me out and in this they had some weird lighting and images of animals and i did not enjoy that one bit lol .


The 5th floor contained alot of random things like the Taj Mahal, A small Mini Car, Moving Dinosaur, Rocking Chair, Plants and weird things.


You then follow the signs to walk down the stairs and come across a little hallway of pictures of famous people made out of things like Toast or Cassette rolls . It was was so cool seing art like this.

Then their were a few bizzare statues of people that were said to be real, like the worlds ugliest woman or a man with a 19cm nose !


We then went through this mirror maze which was so hilarious as you have to walk with your hands in the air so you dont bump into anything and my Daddy looked so cute, we ended up coming to the entrance again some how and had to be directed through another entrance to the next floor lol it was such a fun little time , i had not laughed like that in ages !


(I would love to show you guys videos but my website doesnt support me uploading videos.

Thats another idea i have to start Vlogging, if you think i should, contact me anyway you want to and i will always respond.

If i get a good response ill start a youtube account and upload vlogs as daily as possible !)


They had a section of like the torture that would take place in Britain centruies ago and showed the many different ways of punishments, it was so body tingling freaky to actually think people would get crushed to death or like stretched till limbs broke. So glad our country has come to sesnse that we are humans not animals !


Every floor had something different and interesting. We hardly ever come out as a full family , that means where the men tag along ( DADS, BROTHERS) so it was so nice to have fun with everyone !


We only spent 45mins- one hour inside as its all just walking and looking.


I think its a really good place to come to fill in a whole day out !

Overall it was something that pulled the family together, and we all saw something which had our interests.


Click here for the link to Ripleys main website.


Keep On Visiting !!

xo Zahra xo