< On the left here we have a few pictures summing my Holiday in Dubai !


On the right , is my go to video for anyone who has not visited Dubai ! Actually it taught me a few things also !

it is packed with information about Dubai and how it is the most incredible city in the world. It is a long video but seriously worth it ! >

We visited Dubai from the 18th December 2015 - 2nd January 2016.


It was worth the amount of days. : ))

Flying out to Dubai is Literally like flying back home.

I say this because in 2013 December

my Daddy bought an Apartment on the Palm Jumeirah in the Shoreline Apartments.


It has been life changing !


Of course we have been visiting Dubai since 1998 and staying in numerous hotels but having your home no matter how luxiourious those hotels are Tops it all !


So 18th - 19th December :


We travelled from London Heathrow and arrived in Dubai International Airport.

This is the first time i had flown on a german airline called Lufthansa airways and i got to admit

it was pretty damn good !


Aside from the 2 hr stop over in Munich airport i enjoyed the flight.

I kinda got ill as soon as we landed so when i got home i just slept and slept.

I Got woken up though to go food shopping and house shopping.

So me my sister my mama and my two little nephews took a trip to our local mall called the Oasis centre .

It's a small mall but it has your basic shops and its nice plae to go when you quickly want to buy a few things.

So we went and attacked the Home centre store , i just love shopping, it does not matter what im buying i love shopping for house things and random things like kitchen utensils lol any excuse for me to shop i will take !

So then we came back home i organised all my lugagge and had a early night.


The next days i visited Jumeirah open beach at sunset with a few friends and went for dinner and shisha .

I remember that night when i got home it was like 2:40 am and me and my sister were still up and i badly craved some sort of pizza.

Well i knew in london at that time i wouldnt even find crap ,and i knew Dubai could not let me down so i googled for 24hr open restauants and some how found some pizza place ! it was so damn good and i ate it all by myself ; D


On the 22nd December We travelled to Bur Dubai and went to Meena Bazaar !

That is a traditional shopping experiance where you will find alot of Pakistanis and Indians and obviously other Ethnicities selling our traditional clothes and other things.

It kinda feels like ilford lane or southall but like 100 times better.

As we have been going there like forever we have accustomed ourselves ( slightly ) to the major Dos and Donts of Meena Bazaar.


You will know the change when you enter Bur Dubai how it resembles Dubai before it transfomed into all sky scrapers.

My favourtie place around there is The Creek.

Around the Creek you will find alot of olden Abras taking you around and showing you small souks and old traditonal cafes and clothings.


In the next couple days My Daddy brother in law and Family friend Andy Arrived.


Then we started going out to more indian restaurants and meeting dads friends.

The day before christmas me and my sister realised we hadnt even visitied the beach yet and i know your thinking thats actually the first thing you would do but honestly in december the weather isnt all great i think the max it would go is 26 degrees if we are lucky but we did not let that stop us as we went and enjoyed as much of the sun as possible.

We dined and drinked and sat there till the sunset came and then moved closer to the pool and sat to relax for some shisha.


That very evening we decided to visit a Desi Nightclub called Pulse in bur dubais hotel called Movenpick .

It often plays a great deal of genres but mainly has indian nights .

It was a great night on christmas eve as it was jam packed with all kinds of people.

We danced and enjoyed ourselves and returned home around 3am as we knew in the morning the kids were gonna kick our arsses to open up presents.


Luckily they woke up just after 10 am and we all gathered around our little christmas tree and each of us opened our presents. We then decided on a christmas lunch at the Anantara hotel Palm jumeirah with our Family friends.


I hadnt visited this hotel before so i was so amazed at it because it reminded abit like a thailand hotel lol that sounds weird but the atmosphere the decor all feels very thai and relaxing.

We ate at the beach house restaurant and i loved everything about the food it was a 10/10 !

We enjoyed a nice sunset beach view ofcourse some shisha and we all had a good relaxing time.


Then my brother in law decided he wanted to go on a boat ride

And me and him are the kinda rebels who arent scared so sadly nobody wanted to join us.

But that was also super incredible we went all the way to downtown marina and got a spectacular skypscraper view !


Sadly after one hour we returned back to the hotel and all left to return to our homely abodes to get ready for the evening.

That evening we visited my dads singing friend in a indian restaurant called Its Indi in Jumeirah 1.


That was a great night as always we were look aftered so well .


On boxing day we went to Dubai mall to see some of the sales and bought some cheeky stuff!

We saw the dancing founatins and as always tried to get a selfie with the burj khalifa .

That late evening me and two of our family friends went out to bur dubai again and had a nice late meal and shisha at Seaview hotel.

That is my go to place as it shuts at 5 am and us being hyper on holiday who sleep at that time was jackpot when we discovered it in 2013 .


The next morning i woke up by myself got dressed and went to visit The Fashion Vault store at The Sunset Mall.

As i am a huge fan of the Kattan Sisters you will know Mona Kattan visits there very often.

I purchased aload of cute things and then when I got home we all went to the Miracle Gardens.


Miracle Gardens is actually A beautiful Garden surrounded with over 100 million flowers of 70 different kinds.

It was the first time i visited and i loved it. it was so colourful and romantic.


After that not far from there we went to visit Global village.

Global Village is a family cultural, shopping and entertainment destination in the region, with a unique shopping experience at 32 pavilions representing more than 75 countries with different cultures.

It is located in a huge big circle with different kinds of Countries to visit for example if you walk into Pakistan you will find some small pakistani snacks, the clothes jewelery etc.


It is a fun thing to do and everyone in the family will enjoy themselves.


We decided to visit JBR for dinner and eat at The butcher shop & grill.

It was again my first time eating in this restaurant and i loved how they had so many different meats to choose from.


The next few days consisted of the beach, relaxing, meeting family friends, going out to indian restaurants in the evening and simply enjoying time away from london ! lols.


On the night of the 30th we had a chance to visit the Cavalli club restaurant & lounge in the Fairmont hotel on sheikh zayd road.


My Godddd it was so beautiful inside !

The chandeliers and the tables were so stunning plus it was a calming atmosphere for 11pm.

Me and my sister went to the toilet together ( lol as you do ) and discovered they had cute little dressing table with a STARIGHTNER AND BLOWDRYat every table because why the hell not just come and get ready in the club.

We got told by local family friends not to stay past 1 am as the crowds get really big and it can get unjoyable.


So we went to Habtoor Grand hotel and visited my favourite nightclub called XL !

Now thanks to me everyone i took love this place because the atmosphere is nice the dj is always playing good r&b, house music , pop songs and just everything to keep you on the floor and dancing

They have amazing little VIP areas where your shisha and drinks are brought to you , we just always have a fun time here and always go back and experiance the best !


The next morning we went on a Desert Safari and got a vip package which moved us into a small little private hut wth a butler at our service for food drink and shisha.

Whenever we go safari we always love going quad biking and camel riding.

Also inside the safari camp there is alot to do -

you can get your henna done shop some traditional arabian wear and realise how life used to be in the dessert it is such a extraordinary experiance.


New Years Eve consisted of me running errands before new years that night.

Our evening apartment party was in dubai marina a close friend of my dad lent us his empty apartment for the night where we threw a party with a family friends from there.

It was a great night until unfortunately it came to news that the Address hotel in downtown Dubai got burned down!

It was really devastating and really changed the whole nights mood. But again how long can you stay sad for in Dubai we just ate and drank and danced alittle waiting for new years to come.

The 10 second Countdown started and as soon as we said one Dubai lit the world up with its fantastic 23 minute firework show starting from the atlantis hotel and a grand finale at Burj Al Arab and just other parts of Dubai. It was an amazing view from the 62nd floor but sadly all good thinsg must come to an end but happily we entered 2016 with a great BANG.


On our last day it consisted of sad packing and running out to bur dubai again to pick up small gifts and just enjoying devouring halal food lol.


We came back to a cold and gloomy Dark london and i honestly just cant wait to go back and do that all over again .


Many people say to me you always go dubai why dont you find it boring ?

And i always answer with how can home get boring ?

Whenver we go we always find something different to experiance and that's why I love Dubai

It has something new to discover each time we go.



xo Zahra xo