27th February - Radlett - Va Pensiero.

Hellooo ee oo once again !!


In September for my brothers birthday dinner, we all came to this restaurant and ever since then we have been MESMERIZED !!



Italian food is like my favourtie cuisine hands down. I could live of pasta,thats how much it means to me :)


So we decided to eat here again this recent Saturday.


Because we just love the food i hardly hand a chance to take great pictures but its just the kind of place you have to be there to understand the food.


It is quite far from us but we would travel anywhere for food this good !


For Starters we ordered two portions of Garlic bread which looked more like flat bread or naan , It is so yummy its unexplainable.


For mains everyone ordered a Pasta dish and a portion of Magherita Pizza which is a Base Pizza of Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce.


I Ordered a Pasta Penne Alla Arrabiata which has -

Garlic, Olives and Chilli in a Tomato Sauce. I told them to make it extra spicy and to also add some chicken. The pasta was delicious but i didnt enjoy the chicken taste. It wasnt as great as i would have liked it , but i cleared the pasta of the plate as that was really good and just left chicken on the side.


The rest of them ordered -

Penne Alla Fiorentina

Spinach and Garlic with Mozzarella in a Tomato and Cream Sauce.

This was actually amazing i wish i had ordered it. But both dishes were so nice and big it was perfect.



For Desserts we just ordered one

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream but my little baby niece srummied it all up as she found it just as good as all of us so we ordered another one for us big kids haha :D


Overall i rate this restaurant a 9/10 because that is how much we loved it !!




Here is the link for the website.


Keeeeeeeep on reading xx

xo Zahra xo