French Toast Roll Ups - Breakfast Recipes By Zahra .

Welcome back to my blog everyone <3


Recently I have been obbsessed with BUZZFEEDS TASTY recipes.

I came across one on Facebook for French Toast and decied to put my own twist on it .

I will try and show you step by step what I did and what I used.

It is a perfect breakfast recipe for a lazy morning. I Wouldn't say it's a quick breakfast but it also is not very long to make either.


First things first

You will need :


3 Slices of Bread

(My ingrediants will be measured for one person)


1 or 2 eggs depending how large they are. 2 is safe as its good to have some leftover incase you wanna make more !


About 4- 5 tablespoosns of milk, now i never measure my milk i always pour in how ever much i think is necessary but roughly it is a couple of tablespoons.




1/3 cup of sugar (You may add as much or as less as you like )


Filling Options, as desired


Cream cheese, softened

Canned cherry filling

Apples, sliced

Peanut butter

Bananas, sliced

Strawberries , sliced ( i used strawberries!)


But you can fill them with whatever you wish.


Now that the ingrediants are out of the way lets get to it !


1) Place your slices of bread on a flat surface and cut all the crusts from the sides , and slightly flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Im sure every asian will have one lol :l .


2) Dont worry if u flatten it too much, it will still do its job. Places your desired filling on one side of the bread and roll it inwards to the other side, so it slightly tucks in.


3) Repeat for the rest and lay them on your plate. Beat your eggs , add your sugar and milk and whisk with a fork until its quite smooth.


4) Heat a slab of butter on a frying pan, dip your rolled up breads in the egg batter so its covered with it.


5) Place the breads in the frying pan and slowly turn it so each side is cooked.


And you are done !



Then place it back onto your plate, sprinkle some icing sugar , or drizzle some maple syrup , maybe a squirt of cream? anything that you think will make it Delicious !

xo Zahra xo