< On the left are a few images of the food we ate.


And on the right is a youtube clip of the breathtaking hotel Anantara which is even more spectacular in visiting ! >

As always , we end up in Dubai for New years and Christmas !


We were thinking of just staying at home in our apartment and ordering take away and watching movies, opening presents and being lazy haha .. :L .


But it hit us that we are SO! allhamdulilah lucky to even be on holiday why waste it sitting at home , that is what we do in London !


So, we all glammed up, made a couple phone calls to family friends to join us, and as it was last minute we were so worried that we would not have been able to find a restaurant. But because my Daddy is the best of Daddys he recommend a hotel not far from our apartment called Anantara Hotel located in palm jumeirah.


After checking their website we saw they had a good variety of different restaurants, we called them up hoping they could give us a table and BINGO! we had luck at the beach house restaurant .


So we all quickly rushed over and the hotel was so beautiful i could not stop snapchatting lols.


We were escorted to our table which had a beautiful look over at the beach and the sun was shining and it was becoming a good day.


They had a traditional christmas dinner menu, with turkey, vegetables, pototates etc.

But me being me i was ofourse feeling a Pastaaaaaaaa!!!


So i had them bring me their original menu and from there i fell in love !


I had the Penne rigate with roasted garlic which had -

grilled chicken breast | mixed field mushroom | herbed cream sauce.


It was so good like i can not even explain !


For dessert ( I mean its christmas, im allowed it !!)

I had the

Blueberry cheesecake which had

blueberry compote | digestive biscuit | cream cheese


And that felt like heaven placed itself in my TUMMYYYY !!!


The food was great , our view was amazing , we had the chance to watch the sunset.

I Was so stuffed i literally just sat and enjoyed the time we had there .


My Christmas was spent eating good food and just being merry with everyone !


xo Zahra xo