6th March - Regent Street - Caffe Concerto

Welcome back to my blog beautifuls !



So on Sunday it was Mothers Day <3.


Every year my family and I do try to do something, but we always end up with staying at home. We had not been out for mothers day for a good couple years.


But this year I wanted to do something different as our mothers deserve so much !!!


So as you may know, my mother and daddy were in India for two weeks.

Only last week did it occur to me to book something for Mothers day, and i knew since mummy was coming back from a hectic holiday i shouldn't plan over the top.

So i decided i wanted a afternoon tea.

Any sort of afternoon tea.

After researching i came accross BB Bakery afternoon tea bus tour.

I instantly checked if they had a availability and found one !

But me being o so blind i accidently booked it for Saturday 5th March and not Sunday 6th March.. OPPSIEEE :)


And to put another cherry on top , no under 6s were allowed, and my nephews and niece are both under 5 and they go everywhere with us so the afternoon bus tour was no possible so i then had to call for a refund.

They were so nice and understanding and they immediately refunded my money but minus £20. I think £20 was like a deposit but i did not mind that as atleast i got majority of me money back. I definiteley will want to go on this though ! Inshallah in the future.


After like being sad that we cant go on the bus tour, i decided to continue researching some way or another there will be availabilty somewhere,but because i was so last minute like 4 days in advance i kept getting rejected.


After a couple hours of having phoned alot of top hotels, a bell rang in my head like you silly goose what was the best afternoon tea you ever had yourself ? Caffe Concerto in Westfield Stratford City !!

I quickly went online and found a list of their other branches and Regent Street caught my eye as it is kinda the heart of the city. I phoned them up and i booked a Afternoon tea for 4pm for me and my big 12 people family . (say mashallah)


On the day i called them to confirm our table and was told to be on time as their shop gets very busy and if we come late our table may be given away.


Suprisingly we got there exactly 4 on the dot !


If you have ever been to any Caffe Concerto you will know that the restaurant is tiny inside.

Their tables and chairs are all so close together.

I mean I like thats its tight and cosy but it can also feel kinda claustrophobic, and there is tight spaces to walk.

We had two pushchairs also with us but we had made as much room as possible for others to pass us.

We were seated to our tables with big welcoming smiles from the waiters. I had already placed the order beforehand for the Afternoon teas so they knew we already wanted that.


In their menu they have two Afternoon teas, A tea for one and a tea for two. As there were 8 adults we ordered , 4 afternoon teas for two and for my little nephews we ordered them a afternoon tea for one as the quantity would be enough.

Their mocha is literally heaven i love it so much.


One of my nephews saw that they had spaghetti and begged we order him one . Lol dunno why he was begging we always begging him to eat.


He ordered a Spaghetti Napoliano (that is absolutely the incorrect way of spelling it but its 1am and i am to tired to even care to correct it lol )


Our afternoon teas were given so cute. My daddy and my brotherinlaw hardly enjoy food like sandwiches and cakes, they were forced to come along as it was family day :) but even they yummied up all the cakes scones and finger food.


It doesn't seem like alot but you can honestly get full from eating all that !

It was overall such a nice alternative to lunch or dinner it was a nice way of Celebrating mothers day and fit in to a lazy Sunday.


I would overall rate the food a 8/10 just because they need to start doing a halal menu !! I know for a fact they would run so much better because i would be their number one customer lol !

and my experiance was 10/10 . We were very well look aftered and even though the caffe is small and busy, the waiters are always cheerfull and open to help you and serve you. I am a very generous person like that and if you are kind and nice to me i will be the same back !


Stay in school kiddos and addioossss amigos !

(always wanted to say that , just let me have the moment)


Click here to be directed for Caffe Concerto.

Click here to be directed for BB Bakery tours.


xo Zahra xo