5th March - Park Royal - Beirut Nights.

Hellooooooo once again everyone !!


On Saturday , It was my friends birthday :D !!!


We went to a restaurant called Beirut Nights located near Central Middlesex Hospital.


For us to get there it took just over 50 mins on the central line and we were starving marvin (lol what the hell am i saying , kinda hungry while writing this so excuse me)


We had our table booked for 8:30pm and arrived promtly on time.

Once we entered the restaurant we were first told that no such booking was even made on our name but as they werent busy at the time they seated us anyway.

This restaurnt also has a famous front shisha garden which is constantly busy.

We wanted to sit outside but unfortunately could not due to certain misunderstandings which is sad because we mainly came for that but anyhoooo.


By the time we sorted ourselves out it was about 9:20pm. We then started to order our food. Our waiter was adament that we got the mix grill as for a big group it works out cheaper and there is something for everyone (meat , chicken , rice , naan)

But some had already chosen their meal. One got a Beef burger and chips, Another got chicken sheesh and chips and lastly some one got soujouk which is

Home-made Lebanese spicy sausages, grilled or fried with or without tomato & garlic.


We were all happy after placing our order and spent the time catching up and taking selfies.


Soon after ordering, plates of Hommus and sambousek were placed. That was demolished quite quickly as we were all so hungry.


But it then occured we forgot to place the drink orders. They had a nice variety of drinks which was cool and we all got a majority of different drinks.


It was now way past 10pm and we were constantly asking when our food would arrive.


Our food was placed infront of us at 10:25pm.

We waited ove one hour and 35 minutes.

Never in my life have i waited this long for food.


And i have ate at alot of places in different countries.

This was an absolute joke.

After complaining several times to different people, we had got our main courses.


One of the girls who placed her individual order, had still no got her course. We pestered the waiters again and again asking for our friends order but they kept on telling us it was coming.


After realising enough is enough, she cancelled her order and we called for the manager as we had to ask what kind of service they were doing in such a well ran restaurant.


He apologised and gave us excuses of the fact that they are a busy restaurant.

That is a true fact but it doesnt call for a legit excuse, like oh sorry cant give your food cause we have other people ? like what the actual f , there is no logic to that statement at all.

When we had arrived the restaurant was half full and people were paying and leaving. In the begining after we had placed our order, two ladies sat on the table next to us and ordered more food and it still came before us and they payed and left before us aswell.


It was getting super late and after having complained over a hundred times they sped their service up , cleared our table and bought over the birthday cake.


Because it was a birthday meal , we were only 1% more calm as we didnt want to ruin our friends night but if it wasn't her birthday i swear i would of screamed at them all and walked out of the restauant and not payed for anything.

Their service was weird aswell.

Overall i give the food a 6/10 cause it was actually nice and tasty.

The overall experiance of the restaurant definitely below 3/10. The 3 is awarded for the manager as he was kinda nice ;).


I actually would come again as the food was nice but also to see if they are constantly slow at serving or it was just a one off night.


If you want to check them out click here to be redirected to their page.


Ill be writing again really sooooooooooooooon !! <3<3


xo Zahra xo