About Me :


For a long time now I have been wanting to write a blog.

But with life just piling things on I couldn't make time to sit down and plan what I want.


Fortunately, I have supportive people in my life who motivate me to become a more happier and better person. People who want to help me achieve my life goals.


And so here I am! , blogging about everything I enjoy.


I dropped out of College as I found I was learning nothing and my being there was a waste of my time and theirs. I then decided to focus on an Apprenticeship, despite everyone telling me it was a bad idea, including my parents, I could not be happier with my choice to leave College. After my parents got to understand how amazing the oppertunity was they then 100% supported me with it . I currently work as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at a Car Company in Oxford Street called Carspring. I love the practical learning it comes with and i learn something new everyday. I do have plans for University in the near future. I never thought i'd enjoy the work life but it seems that it was just right for me !


I am indeed from London Citaaaay!

But I also spend some months of the year in Dubai. A place i call second home ♥.

I spent alot of my younger years with my family travelling to Dubai so we all adapted to it and now have a tradition of flying there every december for New Years !

With my family, travelling is the norm it must happen atleast twice a year. We have been to Pakistan (where i orignate from!!), India,Malaysia, Turkey,Egypt,Morocco,Spain,Holland,Hong Kong // Macau and Paris..

But somehow we always end up back in the UAE :) .


I like to think that I am the girl who has an opinon on everything and isn't afraid to say it. Who gets crazy and lets loose but also knows her limits. Someone you can stay up with all night talking with about the most randomest things and the next minute flat faced on the bed. I like to be alone at times but then i also want to be surrounded by my loved ones and simply ENJOY LIFE !




xo Zahra xo